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Would you like to inflate your vehicle’s tyres, but don’t know anything about tyre pressure? Let Tyre Pressure dot net, the specialist in tyre pressure and inflation accessories on the Internet, guide you through a vehicle search that will enable you to quickly find your vehicle and tyre dimensions and all the information you need for instant inflation thanks to our simplified search engine. A simplified search for tyre pressure for your car tyres, winter tyres, 4-season tires, tourism tyres and 4×4 tyres, including utility, motorcycle, agricultural and truck tyres.

Our online guide is simple, efficient and clear… To help you find the right tyre pressure for your vehicle in just a few clicks, we’ve detailed each of our data sheets. You’ll find all the models for every make of vehicle, and you’ll need to select your engine, then the tyre size fitted to your vehicle, to find out the required tyre pressure…

Correct tyre pressure in your vehicle is essential for safe, efficient and comfortable driving. Here, you’ll learn the basics of tire inflation to help you understand its importance, Car tyre pressure is affected by many factors, from tyre and vehicle specifications to outside temperature and your driving style, so it’s necessary to understand how to maintain correct tyre inflation at all times. Checking tyre pressure regularly and maintaining correct tyre inflation will maximize the life of your tyres, provide smooth, predictable handling, improve fuel economy and save you money on the road.

Our resources will help you find the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure settings for your vehicle, and check the maximum tyre inflation and load capacity for your tyre model and size (to get the right tyre pressure, always make sure you have a tyre pressure gauge and inflator).

Explore the tyre pressure guide for useful articles, tips, answers and suggestions on how to keep tyres properly inflated. Use tyre pressure calculators to calculate gas savings when tyres are properly inflated, convert pressure units like psi, bars and kilopascals, find recommended winter tire pressure when ambient temperatures change, and correct tire inflation for replacement tyres.

How much pressure should I put in my tyres?

Depending on your tyres or the weight of your vehicle, the recommended pressure varies. Here on our site, you’ll find the pressure for all your vehicles…

How do I know the correct tyre pressure?

Correct tyre pressure in your vehicle is essential for safe, efficient and comfortable driving. Here on our site, you can find the pressure of all the vehicles…

When to inflate car tyres?

The indicated inflation pressures (bar) are valid for cold tires. They should be checked at least every 15 days. For exclusive freeway use, even with partial load, we recommend the same inflation pressure as for full load use.